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Why hire remote Android developers from RapidBrains?

Hiring remote Android developers from RapidBrains allows you to leverage their expertise in Android development, access a global talent pool, and benefit from cost-effectiveness, timely delivery, and effective communication for seamless project execution.

With RapidBrains you can hire pre-screened remote talents with strong technical and communication skills at unbeatable rates when compared to our competitors.

We upskill and train your employees from time-to-time to help them with a staged career progression. Or if you want to train an employee for a specific skillset we got you covered.

Our recruiting team can adapt to any of your processes - be it a machine test, multiple rounds of interviews, our candidates will show their best.

There’s no long term contract or commitment required. Want someone for 2 weeks? Or maybe 2 months? We got you!

Our Service Is Meticulously Tailored to Meet Your Specific Requirements

RapidBrains enables you to hire employees effortlessly, eliminating the need for setting up a local entity. We handle hiring, onboarding, HR tasks, and ensure compliance with local labor laws, including minimum wage, taxes, health insurance, and termination procedures.

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Attitude Check

Communication and attitude are crucial in candidate screening. We ensure they're a good fit for your company.


Reviewing Skill Sets

Skill-set evaluation is crucial. RapidBrains administers technology-specific screening tests to ensure candidates possess the necessary expertise.


Experience Screening

RapidBrains meticulously evaluates employee experience through rigorous interviews and tests.


Background Verification

We conduct extensive background checks to verify the authenticity of our employees.

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Must-Have Skills to Look for When Hiring Remote Android Developers

Finding the right person for the job is crucial for the success of your project. Android is the most popular mobile operating system, and with millions of apps available on the Google Play Store, it's essential to find a skilled and competent developer.


Proficiency in Java and Kotlin

Android devs must master Java & Kotlin, write clean code, use libraries/APIs, and manage memory effectively.


Experience with Frameworks

Familiarity with Retrofit, Dagger, RxJava is desirable. Streamline dev process and build robust Android apps.


UI/UX Design Skills

Good design eye, XML proficiency, Material Design knowledge, and intuitive UX are vital for an exceptional Android dev.


Knowledge of Backend Integration

Solid RESTful API understanding, JSON handling, secure communication are essential for Android devs.


Knowledge of Testing and Quality Assurance

Dev's must excel in unit, integration, UI testing, Familiarity with Espresso, JUnit for flawless app functionality.


Continuous Learning

Android dev must embrace change, stay updated, learn new trends/tools, deliver cutting-edge solutions.


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You can find remote Android developers through various platforms like job boards, freelance websites, and professional networking sites. You can also partner with remote staffing agencies or reach out to development firms specializing in remote work.

Look for developers with strong proficiency in Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, and relevant frameworks. Experience in app development, knowledge of design patterns, and familiarity with version control systems are also important.

Conduct technical interviews and code assessments to evaluate their knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, reviewing their past projects and requesting code samples can provide insights into their coding style and quality.

Remote developers should have good communication skills and be adept at using collaboration tools like video conferencing, project management software, and messaging platforms to maintain regular communication and updates.